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Capture the precious moments with ease and elegance without the hassle of applying filters afterward!

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Candy Camera Online

With Candy Camera’s beautifying filters and silent mode, You can take beautiful selfies anywhere and anytime! Don’t miss out on Candy Camera’s filters – 7,000,000 people taking selfies with Candy Camera Selfie Online! You will no longer need to ask your buddy to edit your images, everything is quick and easy with this app!You can add text directly on top of the images with one of the many different beautiful fonts that are available. Additional stickers, fonts, borders, and layouts are available for free. Fast and easy, Candy camera for selfie online is just like pocket Photoshop, just a little simplified and easier to work with.

  • Best photo editing app for selfies with 100+ unique artistic filters
  • Simple and Easy to use – Take selfies, edit, and share them right away!
  • 160M+ downloads & 50M active monthly users

How to use Candy Camera Online for Selfie:

  1. Take beautiful photo with the available 100+ unique artistic filters
  2. Edit the photo with simple and easy photo editing options
  3. Share the photo on social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and etc.
Download Candy Camera for Free
Take multiple photos for a collage! Choose from many different grids and styles – Taking selfies with Candy Camera’s collage mode, You’ll feel like you’re in a photo booth with filters.

Candy Camera Photoshop

Candy Camera App Filters for Selfies

A diverse range of filters, designed specifically for selfies – Every Candy Camera filter will make your skin look amazing! Swipe left and right to change between filters, And find the perfect beautifying filter for a selfie! Candy Camera’s filters are shown real-time while you take a selfie, So you always look and feel beautiful with Candy Camera’s filters!

Beauty Functions with Candy Photo Editor

In addition to the filter camera, there are additional editing tools for the perfect selfie – Slimming, whitening, concealer, lipstick, blush, eyeliner, mascara! The editor uses makeup stickers to look beautiful in all your selfies. Candy Camera APK is the ultimate beauty tool for selfies!

Silent Camera from Candy Camera

Take silent selfies, snapshots, or photography anywhere you go! Candy Camera’s silent mode can be used for any occasion – Never be embarrassed to take a selfie, the camera is silent!

Download Candy Camera for iOS, Android & PC

Download Candy Camera for your new selfie now, have fun putting beautiful effects and indulge yourself and others in the world of beautiful, fascinating, and memorable photos. Create an impression that will last forever!

Candy Camera can be downloaded from the Google Play Store & iTunes so you should just head over there and download and install the APK on your phone and start using it.

The downloading procedure is simple as all you have to do is click on download and when it has finished downloading it will ask for permissions to install and you select the Yes option. You can also click on the link below to download from a third party site and from there you will have to enable the “install from non-market sources” option in your phone settings to allow the application to install.

Candy Camera for Blackberry

You can enjoy Candy Camera for your Blackberry through Blackberry App World or from link below.

Candy Camera APK for Android

Candy Camera APK Download

Download Candy Camera APK for Android absolutely for free and transform your selfies to something exiting.

Have fun taking selfies with your friends!

Unfortunately for many of us, built-in image manipulation tools (very important, in my opinion) are something many social media apps don’t really focus on. On the contrary, they are very restrictive, which results in preventing you from uploading your images in the best of quality. You can scratch those kinds of worries from your list of expectations! This great app Candy is here to help you edit and upload any image/photo from your gallery properly.

In case you are still hesitant, don’t worry. There are plenty more reasons to get your hands on Candy Camera Online. You can read about them below!

Candy Camera for PC

Candy Camera App can run on your PC or MAC with Bluestack or another emulator. As we have mentioned earlier the application is very handy and comfortable to use, you can edit your photos easily but it is a tedious work to do on a small phone. The solution is to download Candy Camera for your PC. Download Candy Camera Online for PC to edit images on your PC.

Download Candy Camera for Free

How to download Candy Camera?

Here you will learn how you can download Candy Camera for your PC and for your Android Smartphone APK.

Quick and easy to use. Candy photos editing user-friendly software.


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